This site was created to inform and educate you about the facts associated with drinking and driving. We don't condone it, but the statistics unfortunately show most people do it. Don't think it cannot happen to you especially in San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston.


What is considered Driving Under the Influence?

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Imagine how difficult it is to operate a vehicle during rush hour in Houston, or trying to find your way to a doctor office in San Antonio, or driving with fighting kids on your way into Dallas. Think about how you feel when you are completely sober when you notice a Texas state trooper driving behind you--you check your seatbelt is buckled, using a turn signal every time, and driving the exact speed limit. You make sure to obey all of the laws. This is driving when you are completely aware and your cognitive ability is not impaired at all. Now imagine driving home after 4-5 beers and a police officer pulls out behind you. If for some reason you do not use that turn signal or swerve across the yellow line, you are giving that police officer the right to pull you over. A Dallas DUI can be a costly mistake, even if you only blow a .09. Most laws used to be .10 and they lowered it to .08.

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A DUI doesn't just refer to driving under the influence of alcohol. It can also be from illegal and legal drugs. A person can be charged with a DWI when influenced by street drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, or prescription drugs such as codeine. If your ability to think is not as clear as before you took the substance it can be considered driving under the influence.

Can you get a DUI on a horse?

Getting a DUI in Houston doesn't only mean that you have been driving a car under the influence.  You can get one from driving a boat, driving a golf cart, riding a bicycle, riding a scooter, or even riding a horse in some places like Texas. In fact every year in Texas an enormous number of people receive DUI's while riding horses. A horse is considered a vehicle as far as Texas law is concerned. Don't drink and ride.

A DUI affects EVERYONE! Even if you are not impaired while you are driving, you could still become a victim of someone who chooses to drink and drive. So if you drink, do not drive. If you have friends or family who are drinking do not let them drive, take the keys from them!


Unfortunately, DUI's and DWI' are a part of many people's lives, however frequent or infrequent it may occur. George W. Bush was even once arrested for DUI.

FACT: Many lawyers believe that refusing to take a breathalyzer or blood test is your best decision. Under Texas law, your refusal can lead to an automatic driver's license suspension, but cannot be used as evidence against you during a criminal trial. Basically, a refusal to test your BAC gives the prosecutor no results to use against you.


If you are traveling in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or somewhere else in Texas or another state, PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!